Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm am going to Beach Blanket Babylon. What time should I make reservations for dinner?

A: The show is ninety minutes long. If you want to eat after the show, which we believe is a more pleasant arrangement, it's a simple calculation. If you want to eat before the show, allow one and a half hours for a leisurely dinner at Capp's before getting in line or just waltzing in to your reserved seats to arrange a reservation here.

Q: Can we get Beach Blanket Babylon tickets from you?

A: Sorry. Capp's Corner and Beach Blanket Babylon are wonderful neighbors, but separate families.

Q: Where shall we park?

A:We are on the corner of Powell and Green (Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd). Street parking in North Beach is difficult to say the least. However, there are two municipal garages on Vallejo Street one block south, three private lots on Green Street, and two private garages on Powell Street. Which is to say, there is ample parking for a fee. See our Google map for more information.

Q: What is family -style? Do I have to share my lasagne?

A: Our dinners include two courses before the main course. The starter is a tureen of soup presented on the table (that's the family style part). The second course is a bowl of salad presented the same way (someone has to step up and serve). The main course is plated up and served individually. We leave the decision to share your lasagne entirely up to you.

Q: Does Joe Capp still book in the basement poker room?

A: No. Joe has moved on.

Q: What ever happened to Cheryl?

A: Last seen she was driving a white convertible Corvette somewhere around Roseville.

Q: I can't eat garlic. What can I eat?

A: Hmm . . . we are Italian. Can you make a meal of vanilla ice cream?

Q: Do you have a corkage fee?

A: Yes. $15 per bottle .

Q: I have a large party? Can you accommodate us?

A: Yes. We do not have a separate banquet room, but we can accommodate groups from 20 to 60 in our dinning room. Contact us at 415 989-2589 or for more details, banquet menus and prices.

Q: I am a regular customer; how do I get my picture on the wall ?

A: Well, space is limited, but if it's something like you with your arm around Joe DiMaggio or hanging out with the Pope, we may find room .